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CDS Practice Set CDS Practice Set
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CDS Exam Practice Set 2024

The experienced team of Mockers have prepared the CDS exam practice set 2024 which is accessible free of cost at its online platform. The collection of questions is designed to represent the actual examination. There are various practice sets available to cater to different learning styles and preferences. You can combine them with a thorough study of the syllabus, revision, and other strategies for maximum success in your CDS exam. 

Overview Of the CDS Exam

The CDS exam is held to recruit officers for the Combined Defence Services all over India. An overview of this exam is mentioned in the table below. 

Name of the Exam Combined Defence Services Examination
Conducting Organization Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
Exam Level & Frequency
  • National-level
  • Two times per year
Mode of Application Online
Mode of Examination Offline
CDS Application Fee INR 200 for all candidates except Females/SC/ST categories. 
Stages of CDS Exam Two
  • Written Examination
  • SSB Interview
Type of Questions Multiple-Choice
Forces Offered
  • Indian Military Academy (IMA)
  • Indian Naval Academy (INA)
  • Indian Air Force Academy (AFA)
  • Officers Training Academy (OTA)
Number of Papers in Exam
  • General Knowledge, English, and Elementary Mathematics - 3 for IMA, INA, AFA
  • General Knowledge and English - 2 for OTA
Exam Duration 2 hours for each paper

CDS Exam Practice Set In Hindi

On the website of Mockers, you get the privilege to take the CDS practice set in Hindi language. This helps you to understand the format of the questions in an easy way. You can choose the mode of your preferred language at the beginning of this set for practice. 

CDS Practice Set In English

By solving the CDS exam practice set in English, you will be able to follow the real exam pattern more efficiently. You don’t have to pay any money to practice these sets at the digital platform of Mockers. 

Subject-Wise CDS Exam Practice Set 2024

The arrangement of the practice set for CDS on our website is Subject-wise. There are around four sections in it which include the latest set as well as Aptitude, General Awareness, and English subject sets. 

CDS Practice Set For Aptitude

The Aptitude CDS practice set online comprises Mathematics and some general questions. The time limit of these tests on Mockers is generally between 10 to 15 minutes. You will gain 2.5 marks for each correct answer and 0.83 marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer in the Maths test. For the Aptitude test, 3 marks are given for every right answer and -1 mark is given for every wrong answer. 

General Awareness CDS Practice Set

You will get a variety of General Awareness practice set for CDS at Mockers. The maximum marks depend on the test number that you want to attempt. The range can be in between 10 to 30 marks. No mark will be deducted in case you do not attempt any question in the practice set. You can even check the detailed solution with an explanation after submitting the test. 

CDS Exam Practice Set For English

The CDS exam practice set for English on our website includes a total of 10 questions in every set. The system will award you with 4 marks for each correct answer and will deduct 1.33 marks for each incorrect answer. Once you submit the test, you will be able to view your rank and score. The calculation of rank is based on the marks you scored and the overall time you took. 

Steps To Solve The CDS Exam Practice Set 2024

The best online platform to solve the CDS practice set is Mockers. Here, you will get an abundance of practice tests prepared by the exam professionals. The steps you need to follow for this process are given below:

  • To reach our official website, you have to type on your internet browser. 

CDS Exam Practice Set, CDS Exam Practice Set 2024, CDS practice set, practice set for CDS, CDS practice set online 

  • Once you are at the homepage, click on the “Navigation Bar” icon. 
  • There, you will see different sections in which you have to select the “Exam Categories” option. 

CDS Exam Practice Set, CDS Exam Practice Set 2024, CDS practice set, practice set for CDS, CDS practice set online

  • Now, you have to find the “Defence” section by scrolling down on the page. It will appear like the image below. 

CDS Exam Practice Set, CDS Exam Practice Set 2024, CDS practice set, practice set for CDS, CDS practice set online

  • Then, you can click on the “CDS” icon and a new page will open up on your screen within no time. 

CDS Exam Practice Set, CDS Exam Practice Set 2024, CDS practice set, practice set for CDS, CDS practice set online 

  • In the next step, you need to select the “Practice Set” option. 

CDS Exam Practice Set, CDS Exam Practice Set 2024, CDS practice set, practice set for CDS, CDS practice set online 

  • Lastly, you will see the list of different subjects from which you can choose and start the CDS practice test. 

CDS Exam Practice Set, CDS Exam Practice Set 2024, CDS practice set, practice set for CDS, CDS practice set online 

Advantages Of the CDS Exam Practice Set 2024

When you start working on the CDS exam practice set 2024, there are many advantages that you can get. Some of them are:

  • The practice set for CDS on Mockers is prepared according to the latest syllabus and pattern. In this way, you can stay updated on the actual exam format and choose wisely from the different sets. 
  • You can know about your strengths and weaknesses in each subject with the help of these practice sets. This lets you focus on targeted improvement and avoid time wastage on topics you already understand. 
  • You will be able to refine your accuracy and speed while answering the questions in the CDS practice set within the timeframe. 
  • You can practice diverse question types and build skills to face new and challenging problems. You can also gain a deeper understanding of the syllabus by applying concepts learned in the theory. 
  • You can analyze your performance after each CDS exam practice set 2024 at Mockers and adjust your study plan accordingly.

Tips To Solve The CDS Practice Set

The CDS practice set online proves to be a great source of study for the aspirants of Defence Services. A few of the tips you can use to master these practice sets are mentioned below. 

Preparation and Mindset
  • You must understand the CDS syllabus, question types, marking scheme, and time limits for each section before starting the CDS exam practice set 2024. 
  • You should not expect perfect scores initially because practice sets are for learning and identifying weaknesses, not for immediate perfection. 
Active Thinking
  • You should pay close attention to instructions and specific details in each question of the CDS practice set.
  • You may analyze each option and eliminate incorrect or irrelevant choices before making your final pick. 
Sharpening Your Skills
  • After each practice set for CDS, review your answers and identify areas where you made mistakes. 
  • Based on your analysis, you should tailor your study plan and revise your approach to particular question types or subject areas. 
It is recommended that you start your preparation around three to four months before the CDS examination. As the syllabus for this exam is vast, it is important that you cover the basic concepts, first. After this, you should start working on the CDS exam practice set.
The number of seats in CDS varies per year and service academy. According to the latest information from the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), around 457 vacancies are expected for different defence services.
Apart from Mockers practice set for CDS, there are some books that you should include in your study material like: General Awareness by Manohar Pandey High School English Grammar & Composition by Wren and Martin Mathematics for CDS by R.S. Aggarwal
There are many strategies that you can include in your preparation for the CDS examination at home. You can solve previous year's question papers, attempt several mock tests, and work on the CDS exam practice set. All these study materials are available for free at the official website of Mockers. You can also read daily newspapers to increase your general knowledge for this exam.
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