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GATE CE 2024
GATE CE 2024

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GATE CE 2022
GATE CE 2022

- 10 Full-Length Test
- Based on Latest Pattern

GATE CE 2021
GATE CE 2021

- GATE CE 2021
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GATE Civil Mock Test

Mockers provides free GATE Civil Mock Test to GATE CE aspirants helping them crack the GATE Civil Engineering Examination. The GATE Civil Engineering is one of the most prestigious branches. In 2023, approximately 41,360-51,700 candidates appeared which is 16.7% of the total GATE Candidates. The GATE CE Mock Test is designed to assess the understanding of UG subjects for civil engineering candidates. It consists of a total of 65 questions, totalling 100 marks, set by 7 IITs one by one. The responsibility for organizing the GATE 2024 Examination for all 30 papers (as the number has increased to 30 for 2024) will fall on the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore this time.

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At Mockers, GATE Civil Engineering Aspirants can explore GATE Free Civil Mock Test with a high-quality user interface.

GATE Civil Engineering Exam: An Overview

A systematic exam designed to evaluate candidates' knowledge of civil engineering subjects is the GATE Civil Engineering Exam. It covers topics including fluid mechanics, environmental engineering, and structural analysis and acts as a springboard for further study and well-paying employment. A strong GATE performance provides access to highly ranked colleges and a broad range of engineering careers. Thus, candidates must take a look at the below table carefully before actually sitting for their GATE Final Examination.

Aspect Details
Exam Mode Computer Based Test (CBT)
Duration 3 Hours (180 Minutes)
Number of Questions 65 (25/17/24 in Engineering Mathematics/General Aptitude/Civil Engineering)
Question Types MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions), MSQ (Multiple Select Questions), NAT (Numerical Answer Type)
Marking Scheme 2 Marks for each correct MCQ and MSQ, 1 Mark for each correct NAT. ⅓ Mark negative for incorrect MCQs and MSQs, ⅔ Mark negative for incorrect NATs.
Total Marks 100
Sections 3
Section 1: General Aptitude (GA) 10 Questions (15% Weightage) - Verbal Ability (Reading Comprehension, Para Jumbles, etc.), Engineering Ethics, Data Interpretation, and Reasoning.
Section 2: Engineering Mathematics (EM) 10 Questions (15% Weightage) - Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability, Complex Variables, Numerical Methods.
Section 3: Civil Engineering (CE) 45 Questions (70% Weightage) - Core subjects: Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Structural Analysis, Transportation Engineering, Water Resources Engineering and Environmental Engineering. Additional subjects like Geomatics Engineering, Construction Management, etc. may also appear.
Exam Dates February (Announced by Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)
Eligibility B.Tech/B.E./M.Tech/M.Sc./M.E. degree in Civil Engineering or related fields.
Application Process Online through GATE's official website (usually opens in August)
Exam Fees Vary depending on category (General/SC/ST/PwD)
Exam Pattern Can change slightly year-to-year. Refer to the official GATE website for the latest updates.
Important Resources GATE official website, Previous Year Question Papers, Coaching Institutes' Study Materials and Mock Tests.
Benefits GATE score is used for admission to M.Tech programs in IITs, NITs, and other prestigious institutes. It is also considered by PSUs for the recruitment of engineers.

Year-Wise GATE Civil Mock Test 

The year-wise collection of GATE Civil Mock Test at Mockers offers detailed insights to all the GATE Aspirants. At present, we have the GATE civil Mock test for the years 2021, 2022, and 2024 and all of them are based on the latest GATE Exam Pattern. More than 500+ candidates have already attempted and practised these tests on Mockers. You must also practice these to get the actual exam experiences, work on your soft and tough areas and be able to secure desired marks in this challenging examination. 

GATE Civil Free Mock Test without Login

At Mockers, there are many GATE Civil Engineering Aspirants who try to explore the GATE Civil Free Mock Test without Login process. Thus, Mockers team experts advise them to first complete the login criteria and then further proceed. The Mockers team provides subject-wise GATE Civil Mock test to each candidate. They can pause, restart and schedule their tests on Mockers but they can’t proceed by GATE Civil Free Mock Test without Login procedure.

General Instructions for Taking the GATE Civil Mock Test

Below is a detailed list of some general instructions mentioned for attempting the GATE Civil Mock test.

  • GATE Civil Free Mock Test comprises 2 sections, General Aptitude and Civil Engineering.
  • GATE Free Civil Mock Test comprises multiple-choice questions (MCQs), and numerical-type questions.
  • Numerical-type questions will have a numerical answer and no options will be available. The answer should be entered using the virtual keyboard that appears on the Screen.
  • The test consists of 1 and 2 mark(s) questions. 1/3rd mark(s) will be deducted for every wrong answer for MCQ-type questions only—no negative mark for numerical-type questions.
  • In the General Aptitude section, questions 1 to 5 are worth 1 mark questions and questions 6 to 10 are worth 2 marks. In the core section, questions 1 to 25 are 1 mark and questions 26 to 55 are two mark questions.

GATE Mock Test for Civil, GATE Civil Engineering Mock Test, GATE Civil Free Mock Test without Login, GATE Civil Free Mock Test, GATE Mock Test for Civil Free

  • No mark will be deducted for an un-attempted question.
  • Candidates can change their answers by clicking on some other option.
  • A number list of all questions appears in the middle of the screen, Candidates can access the questions in any order within a section or across sections by clicking on the question number given on the number list.
  • Do not click the button "submit test" before completing the test. A test once submitted cannot be resumed. 

GATE Civil Engineering Exam Syllabus 

The subjects included in the GATE Civil Engineering Exam Syllabus are wide-ranging and include environmental science, geotechnical engineering, and structural engineering. It ensures a complete examination of applicants' skills by focusing on essential ideas and offering a thorough assessment of candidates' knowledge and understanding of various fields of civil engineering. GATE Civil Engineering Aspirants can understand the complete GATE Sllyabus with the help of the below table and pictorial presentation designed by the Mockers team.

GATE Mock Test for Civil, GATE Civil Engineering Mock Test, GATE Civil Free Mock Test without Login, GATE Civil Free Mock Test, GATE Mock Test for Civil Free

Section Topics Weightage (%)
Engineering Mathematics (25%) - Linear Algebra: Matrices, Eigenvalues and eigenvectors, System of linear equations - Calculus: Functions, Limits, Continuity, Differentiation, Integration, Applications - Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE): First and second order ODEs, Laplace transform, Numerical methods - Partial Differential Equations (PDE): One-dimensional heat equation, wave equation, Laplace equation 10-12
Structural Engineering (25%) - Engineering Mechanics: Equilibrium, Force systems, Stress and strain, Beams and trusses - Building Materials: Steel, concrete, wood, plastics, masonry - Structural Analysis: Static and dynamic analysis of beams, columns, frames - Design of Steel Structures: Rolled sections, welded sections, connections - Design of Concrete Structures: Beams, slabs, columns, footings 12-14
Geotechnical Engineering (20%) - Soil Mechanics: Soil properties, classification, compaction, shear strength, consolidation - Foundation Engineering: Shallow and deep foundations, bearing capacity, settlement analysis - Slope Stability: Infinite and finite slopes, methods of analysis, landslide prevention - Earth Retaining Structures: Gravity walls, sheet piles, cofferdams - Tunneling: Tunnel alignment, methods of excavation, support systems 8-10
Water Resources Engineering (15%) - Hydrology: Precipitation, runoff, infiltration, evaporation, flood frequency analysis - Hydraulics: Fluid properties, flow in pipes and open channels, hydraulic machines - Irrigation Engineering: Water demand, canal systems, water distribution - Water Power Engineering: Hydropower plants, storage, capacity - Groundwater Engineering: Aquifer properties, well hydraulics, groundwater contamination 6-8
Environmental Engineering (10%) - Air Pollution: Sources, effects, control measures - Water Pollution: Sources, effects, treatment methods - Solid Waste Management: Collection, transportation, disposal, recycling - Noise Pollution: Measurement, control, standards - Environmental Impact Assessment: Methods, tools, applications 3-5
Transportation Engineering (5%) - Highway Engineering: Pavement design, traffic engineering, geometric design - Railway Engineering: Track geometry, signalling, electrification - Airport Engineering: Runway design, terminal facilities - Traffic Engineering: Traffic flow theory, intersection design, safety measures 2-3
Geomatics Engineering (5%) - Surveying: Principles, instruments, measurements, errors - Remote Sensing: Principles, data acquisition, applications - Geographic Information System (GIS): Concepts, data management, applications - Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS): Principles, applications - Construction Management: Planning, scheduling, monitoring, control 2-3
General Aptitude (15%) - Verbal Ability: Reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary - Analytical Ability: Logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, data interpretation - Engineering Ethics and Values: Professional ethics, social responsibility, environmental awareness - Communication Skills: English language comprehension and expression 5-7

GATE Civil Engineering Exam Pattern

The GATE Civil Engineering Exam pattern table has multiple-choice and numerical answer types, and it is organised in a certain way. The exam pattern below evaluates candidates' complete understanding of civil engineering concepts and covers fundamental topics like environmental engineering and structural analysis. The pattern is made to test analytical and problem-solving abilities, guaranteeing an accurate assessment procedure.

GATE Mock Test for Civil, GATE Civil Engineering Mock Test, GATE Civil Free Mock Test without Login, GATE Civil Free Mock Test, GATE Mock Test for Civil Free

Feature Details
Total Marks 100
Number of Questions 65
Type of Questions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Multiple Select Questions (MSQs), Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions
Distribution of Marks General Aptitude (GA): 10 marks Civil Engineering (CE): 90 marks
Number of Questions in GA 10 (out of 65)
Number of Questions in CE 55 (out of 65)
Marking Scheme MCQs (1 mark each), MSQs (2 marks each), NATs (+2 marks for correct answer, -0.5 marks for incorrect answer)
Negative Marking Applicable for MCQs and MSQs only
Exam Duration 3 hours

GATE Civil Engineering Exam Analysis 

The table below of the GATE Civil Engineering Exam Analysis offers a thorough analysis of the test's performance patterns, question complexity, and topic-specific insights. With the help of this analytical summary, candidates can better understand their areas of strength and weakness and prepare for the next GATE Exam with greater focus. It is an effective instrument for better performance and strategic development. 

Section Questions (MCQ/MSQ/NAT) Difficulty Level Subject Weightage (Approx.) Key Observations
Engineering Mathematics 7/3/22 Moderate to Difficult 25-30% Emphasis on Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Probability. Less direct questions from Complex Variables and Numerical Methods.
General Aptitude 15/5/15 Moderate to Difficult 15-20% Verbal Ability and Engineering Ethics questions were slightly tougher. Data Interpretation and Reasoning maintained moderate difficulty.
Civil Engineering 35/9/22 (Morning) Moderate to Difficult 45-50% More focus on core subjects like Soil Mechanics, Structural Engineering, and Transportation Engineering. Slightly less weightage on Environmental Engineering and Water Resources.
Civil Engineering 34/9/22 (Afternoon) Moderate 45-50% Emphasis on numerical and application-based questions. Relatively balanced distribution across major subjects.
Total 65 (25/17/24) Moderate to Difficult 100% Overall, the paper was slightly tougher than some previous years, focusing on conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills.

Importance of GATE Civil Mock Test with Answers

At Mockers, the GATE Civil Free Mock Test offers these distinct benefits. Some of them are mentioned in the list below:

  • Track Progress and Measure Improvements: The GATE Civil Free Mock Test is the best tool to track participants’ progress, performance and areas where necessary measures need to be taken. All participants can improve for final Examinations this way.
  • Boost Your Accuracy and Speed: By practising the GATE Free Civil Mock Test candidates get to boost their speed to attempt more GATE Questions and work on their accuracy.
  • Benchmarking Performance against Competitors: Candidates can embark on benchmarking performance against their fellow competitors who are sitting for the GATE examination just with the help of the GATE Civil Mock Test with Answers.
  • Helps to Identify Common Mistakes: At Mockers, after finally submitting the GATE Civil Free Mock Test candidates get their overall analysis of their performance report that helps them to identify and work on their own common mistakes. 
  • Choose High-Quality Mock Tests: GATE Civil Engineering Aspirants must be a bit concerned about choosing the right Mock tests. Thus, here at Mockers, we provide a high-quality mock test series that aims to open successful doors for GATE Civil Engineering Aspirants.

GATE Civil Engineering Eligibility Criteria (2024)

To be eligible for the GATE Civil Engineering Exam, candidates must have a Bachelor's degree in engineering or architecture, or be in their final year of study. Candidates from abroad who meet the same requirements may also apply. People who meet these requirements can take this coveted exam to further their education and job prospects. Hence, the below-highlighted table describes all GATE Civil Engineering Examination eligibility in a more systematic and precise manner. 

Requirement Description Additional Notes
Educational Qualification Bachelor's degree in Engineering/Technology (listed disciplines) or Master's degree in Science (M.Sc.) Final-year students allowed
Disciplines Civil Engineering, Architecture, Geoinformatics, Mining Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Geology and Geophysics, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering (Petro Refining and petrochemicals), Petroleum Engineering, Production and Industrial Engineering, Textile Engineering (Textile Chemistry), Food Technology (Food Engineering), Agricultural Engineering Related M.Sc. fields like Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Geography also accepted
Other Qualifications Diploma in Engineering (with B.E./B.Tech. degree) or Equivalent Qualifications recognized by the GATE Organizing Committee -
Nationality Indian nationals, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, PIO, OCI -
Age Limit No upper age limit -
Repeat Attempts Only once per qualifying subject Two different GATE papers are allowed in the same year if exams are scheduled on different dates
Previous Attempts Eligible to apply again even with past GATE scorecard for the same subject -

Key Features of GATE Civil Mock Test with Answers

The GATE Free Civil Mock Test has some distinctive characteristics that eventually become a centre of attraction for many GATE Civil Engineering Aspirants. Some examples of these features are mentioned below:

  • Flexibility: The GATE Civil Mock Test with Answers is much more flexible for candidates across the whole nation. They can access these mock tests from anywhere and from any different devices. 
  • Cost-Effective: GATE is known to be the most difficult exam to crack in our country. The coaching facilities and other study materials are comparatively expensive. Thus, Mockers provides GATE Free Civil Mock Test and makes it cost-effective for all aspirants out there.
  • Confidence Booster: After solving the GATE Civil Free Mock Test multiple times. Candidates get to boost their confidence and speed to attempt more mock tests preparing for the GATE Actual Examination.
  • Topic-Wise GATE Free Civil Mock Test: Here at Mockers, Candidates can practice the topic-wise GATE Free Civil Mock Test of cost. This way, they become experts in each particular subject for that matter.
  • Actual Exam Format: Realistic Formatting has also become one of the key salient features of GATE Civil Mock tests. It follows a variety of questions such as MCQ, MSQ, and NAT (Multiple Choice Questions, Multiple Selection Questions, and Numerical Answer Type) in the actual GATE Examination itself.

Find GATE Civil Mock Test on Mockers 

There are a few step-by-step methods to be followed by GATE Civil Engineering aspirants to navigate the location of the GATE Free Civil Mock Test on Mockers.

  • The primary step is to search for Mockers and click on the list to get the below image successfully Loaded. 

GATE Mock Test for Civil, GATE Civil Engineering Mock Test, GATE Civil Free Mock Test without Login, GATE Civil Free Mock Test, GATE Mock Test for Civil Free

  • The Secondary step is to click on the “Navigation Icon” Placed over the left side of Mockers online Platform. As seen in the image below.

GATE Mock Test for Civil, GATE Civil Engineering Mock Test, GATE Civil Free Mock Test without Login, GATE Civil Free Mock Test, GATE Mock Test for Civil Free

  • Under the next step, Candidates have to reach onto the “Examination category” Section as mentioned in the image below. 

GATE Mock Test for Civil, GATE Civil Engineering Mock Test, GATE Civil Free Mock Test without Login, GATE Civil Free Mock Test, GATE Mock Test for Civil Free

  • Under the next step, Candidates have to click on the ‘GATE’ and ‘Civil Engineering’ Sections within this category only. 

GATE Mock Test for Civil, GATE Civil Engineering Mock Test, GATE Civil Free Mock Test without Login, GATE Civil Free Mock Test, GATE Mock Test for Civil Free

  • The next step is to reach on the ‘Civil Mock test’ and proceed further.

GATE Mock Test for Civil, GATE Civil Engineering Mock Test, GATE Civil Free Mock Test without Login, GATE Civil Free Mock Test, GATE Mock Test for Civil Free

  • The below images show a complete list of GATE Civil Mock tests just to make a candidate's preparation a great Success. 

GATE Mock Test for Civil, GATE Civil Engineering Mock Test, GATE Civil Free Mock Test without Login, GATE Civil Free Mock Test, GATE Mock Test for Civil Free

However, after successfully following these steps, candidates can find the GATE Civil Mock Test easily on Mockers. 

Specific Examples of Career Paths and Benefits 

By completing the GATE Civil Engineering Examination, you get access to many opportunities. If you do well, you can join prestigious postgraduate programs, which can lead to admission to top-notch engineering colleges. They also meet the requirements for well-paying jobs in the public and commercial sectors, where they can support projects including research, consulting, and the construction of infrastructure. The GATE certification expands job opportunities and provides a solid basis for a fruitful and influential civil engineering career. Below a tabular presentation of these opportunities is best defined in three sub-sections: career path, benefits and Examples.

Career Path Benefits Examples
Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) High-paying jobs, job security, diverse specialisations ONGC, IOCL, NTPC, SAIL, Power Grid
Master's Degree in Engineering (M.E./M.Tech.) Specialization, advanced knowledge, research opportunities Top universities and institutions
Research and Development (R&D) Contribute to advancements, innovation, continuous learning DRDO, ISRO, BARC
Private Sector Project management, entrepreneurial ventures Consulting firms, construction companies
Other Opportunities Government jobs, public policy, administration Railways, irrigation departments

Instructions Available in GATE 2024 Broucher for Differently-Abled Candidates

The official GATE 2024 Broucher includes some special details and instructions for differently abled GATE Aspirants. These details carry some special disability and particular support available with certain eligibility criteria and the complete application process itself. The primary agenda of this instruction is to provide equal opportunities, resources and support. This way every portion of GATE Aspirants can participate in the GATE Examination. 

Disability Support Available Eligibility Criteria Application Process
General Extended time (20 minutes per hour) Disability significantly slows down writing speed Apply with the online application form
- Scribes Visual impairment or writing difficulties Apply with the online application form
- Choice of exam centres (ground floor, ramps, lifts) Any disability affecting mobility Apply with the online application form
- Use of assistive devices (braille keyboards, magnifying glasses, screen readers) Prior permission required Submit a request with disability certificate
Visual Impairment Braille question papers Certified visual impairment Apply with the online application form
- Audio versions of instructions Certified visual impairment Apply with the online application form
Low Vision Enlarged question papers and answer sheets Certified low-vision Apply with the online application form
Hearing Impairment Written instructions and question papers Certified hearing impairment Apply with the online application form
Locomotor Disability Ground floor exam centres Certified mobility impairment Apply with the online application form
All Disabilities Disability certificate from a competent medical authority Required for all support requests Submit with online application form
The GATE Civil Mock tests can be best defined as a mimic of the actual GATE examination. It follows the same examination pattern, format and latest syllabus. It primarily aims to strengthen the candidate's performance as a whole.
The GATE Civil Engineering Aspirants are advised to start practising the GATE Civil Mock Test with Answers a few weeks before the final GATE Examination.
Candidates from all over India are advised to use the GATE Civil Mock Test with Answers for their upcoming GATE Examination. This way they can build concentration, confidence and enough capabilities for this examination.
At Mockers, Candidates are given an unlimited set of GATE Civil Mock Test Free just for practice purposes. They are at least advised to solve 5-6 mock tests with the following consistency at the same time.
Absolutely yes. Candidates are advised to practice the GATE Civil Free Mock Test within the given duration of time only. This way they can reframe their speed, accuracy and efficiency as a whole. Although they can always set the timer to complete the test.
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