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MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024

Whether it is a mixed set of questions or topic-specific questions, an aspirant of the SSC MTS 2024 needs to practice lots of questions to prepare for the exam. The MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024 is available at Mockers, which helps aspirants better assess themselves. Each set of SSC MTS MCQ 2024 has plenty of questions to solve for free but in a limited time period.

To begin the online test of MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024, use the links provided here at Mockers - all the MCQ tests are free and accessible 24/7.

Subject/Section Wise MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024

Aptitude, English, Reasoning, General Studies, etc… are the subjects included in MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024. For each subject, a specific set of MCQs is designed similarly within each subject topic wise SSC MTS MCQ questions are asked. There are also a few mixed MCQ tests candidates can attempt to practice a variety of questions combined in one place.

General Studies SSC MTS MCQ 2024

Candidates have attempted the General Studies SSC MTS 2024 MCQ questions more than 90,000 times at Mockers. General Studies cover a diverse range of topics from Geography to Static GK, therefore, to practice General Studies SSC MTS MCQ 2024 use the links available on this page so that no topic or question remains untouched.

Aptitude SSC MTS MCQ 2024

Topics like Algebra, Boat and Stream, Mensuration 3D & 2D, Geometry, etc… are the topics covered in Aptitude. Since it is a part of Mathematics where an immense level of practice is required, we provide a separate set of Aptitude SSC MTS MCQ for the 2024 exam. Through the links provided, a candidate can easily solve a variety of MTS Aptitude questions and master the questions.

English SSC MTS MCQ 2024

Idioms and Phrases, word substitution, synonyms and Antonym, etc... are the basic English topics that are part of the SSC MTS English Syllabus and therefore, it is essential to master them before the exam. Along with the basic English Grammar topics, there is a reading comprehension that assesses a candidate’s critical thinking and English reading abilities. With the help of English SSC MTS MCQ 2024, a candidate can test their understanding of SSC MTS English.

Reasoning SSC MTS MCQ 2024

More than 86,000 attempts have been made for Reasoning SSC MTS MCQ questions at Mockers. Candidates who choose to solve the Reasoning SSC MTS MCQ 2024 at Mockers can choose to solve the individual sets of Reasoning where they get topics like Syllogism, Number and Word Series, Mirror Image and Water Image, Coding and Decoding, etc. Each set may have different questions and time frames.

Miscellaneous SSC MTS MCQ 2024

Also, there is a Miscellaneous section in our MTS MCQ Test that enables the candidates to practice numerous questions across the SSC exams such as CHSL and CGL. With the help of this Miscellaneous section, a candidate can get a test of various SSC exam questions. This section should be completely optional and therefore, a candidate can decide whether they want to practice the MCQ questions of Miscellaneous or not.

Memory-Based SSC MTS MCQ 

Since Memory-based questions are not exact questions but indicative questions, our expert team has included the SSC MTS memory-based questions in MCQs sections so that all the candidates can get a sense of what kind of questions are actually asked in the exam. Links to the Memory-Based SSC MTS MCQ are available on this page.

Where to Find MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024?

Among so many online resources, the Mockers platform is the one that can help you find MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024; here’s a step-wise process-

  • Open on your device’s Internet browser

MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024, General Studies SSC MTS MCQ 2024, SSC MTS MCQ Test 2024, SSC MTS Exam MCQ, MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 

  • Navigate Exam Categories either in the top-navigation section or scroll below to find the Free Mock Test section

MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024, General Studies SSC MTS MCQ 2024, SSC MTS MCQ Test 2024, SSC MTS Exam MCQ, MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 

  • Next, Click SSC and then on SSC MTS

MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024, General Studies SSC MTS MCQ 2024, SSC MTS MCQ Test 2024, SSC MTS Exam MCQ, MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 

  • A new page will load, click MCQ Test

MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024, General Studies SSC MTS MCQ 2024, SSC MTS MCQ Test 2024, SSC MTS Exam MCQ, MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 

  • Again, a new page will load where you need to choose a subject to access various sets of MCQ for SSC Exam 2024.

MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024, General Studies SSC MTS MCQ 2024, SSC MTS MCQ Test 2024, SSC MTS Exam MCQ, MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 

Features of SSC MTS MCQ 2024 by Mockers

To better use the SSC MTS MCQ 2024 by Mockers, here are a few key features worth knowing:

  • A Live Timer: To keep an eye on the time left to submit the MCQ test, a live timer is given at Mockers MCQ Test platform. This enables candidates to track their time consumption for each question as well as to know how difficult the question was. In addition to this, the live timer is useful to handle the exam pressure and the limitation of time for the exam.
  • Free Set of Questions: One of the best features of all is that every single MCQ Set for the SSC MTS exam is available for free at Every single set is prepared by our subject experts after thoroughly analysing the syllabus and the exam pattern.
  • Instant Performance Report: A report enables the candidates to understand how they did in their MCQ Test of MTS for the 2024 exam is provided just after submitting the MCQ Test at Mockers. The instant performance report is based on an algorithm developed by our team. This report also tells a candidate to focus on those areas where they have made mistakes.
  • Live Questions’ Status: Another useful feature of Mockers SSC MTS MCQ Test is that a live status is projected for each question such as information about the number of question that has been answered or yet to be answered.
  • Rank and Score: Based on the performance in the test sets a score is provided along with the rank which is calculated based on the time taken to answer the questions and the peers’ performances in the same test sets.

What are the Benefits of Solving SSC MTS MCQ 2024?

There is a list of benefits of solving the SSC MTS MCQ 2024 discussed below:

  • A Thorough Revision: Since the MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024 is prepared referring to the actual SSC MTS Exam Pattern and Syllabus, a thorough revision of all the sections and questions asked in the MCQ test becomes easy. After solving the MCQ test sets, a candidate starts recalling the topics or concepts along with them. 
  • Practice Numerous Questions: Along with the revision process, the SSC MTS MCQ for the 2024 exam helps practice various questions before the actual exam begins. Practising those numerous questions for MTS helps to identify the areas for improvement as well as strengthen the conceptual grip.
  • Comfortable with CBT Mode Test: CBT or Computer-based tests are the mode of test used by SSC to conduct the MTS exam, therefore, our MCQ tests are in CBT. It helps candidates become comfortable with CBT Mode and solve all the Aptitude, Reasoning, etc… questions effortlessly.
  • Command on Time: Each MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024 is restricted by a time frame. The time frame ranges between 5 to 10 minutes, therefore, all the aspirants practising questions from the MTS MCQ Test at Mockers should be able to manage time because tests are in CBT Mode and it enables them to track how much time they are spending on each question.
  • Opportunity to Improve in Various Areas: The online MCQ for SSC MTS exam provides several opportunities to improve in various areas such as time management, answering methodology and the improvement speed in answering questions, etc.

When to Solve MCQ for SSC MTS 2024 Exam?

There is no right or wrong time to solve MCQ for SSC MTS 2024 exam, however, those who are sincere about their upcoming SSC MTS Exam 2024 should know these times to solve the MTS MCQ 2024.

  • After Quick Conceptual Revision: The essential is to do a regular revision of all the learned concepts and then test those learnings via an online MCQ Test or Mock Test. When a candidate solves MCQ for SSC MTS 2024 Exam after quick conceptual revision they get to know a lot about their short-term memory or rentaion power.
  • At Least One Month Before the Actual Exam: Ideally, all the appearing candidates should solve the MCQ for SSC MTS Exam as many as possible because it will help them cross-check their preparation and deal with the exam pressure with ease.

3 Things to Do Before Attempting the MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024

Candidates can prepare for the exam however they want, but there are 3 essential things to do before attempting the MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024:

  • Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus: Without proper knowledge of SSC MTS exam pattern and syllabus, taking the MCQ test is not worth it because all the questions will appear vague. However, covering the syllabus and the exam pattern before attempting the MCQ for SSC MTS exam 2024 gives a prior understanding of the concepts from which the questions will be asked.
  • Practice Chapter-end Questions: It is never advised the SSC MTS candidates to start practising the MCQ questions on the first day of preparation. They are advised to first cover the topics properly and solve some relevant questions from the textbooks where chapter-end questions are given. Solving the chapter-end questions will give initial confidence to answer the questions regardless of their difficulty level.
  • Review and Revise: The candidates should always prioritise the specific times to review the whole syllabus or to revise some specific topics or concepts before attempting the MCQ questions of SSC MTS. The review and revision process is known to be crucial because it helps recall the learning and gives a quick boost in confidence to answer the questions of MTS MCQ no matter what their difficulty level.

How MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024 are Prepared?

To prepare the MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024 our subject experts spent more than 6 months analysing the exam pattern, syllabus and the previous year question papers of SSC MTS exam. After going through these, they curated several questions from various resources and then bundled them here at Mockers for free of cost.

These are the key points considered to prepare for the MCQ tests for the SSC MTS Exam 2024:

  • Questions are not out of the syllabus.
  • Only topic-relevant questions are asked.
  • Questions should be as difficult as they can be solved within 60 seconds.
  • All the questions and their options are 100% accurate and only designed for the SSC MTS exam.
  • Each question should be answered correctly by the experts for the assistance of the candidates.
Yes, the MCQ for SSC MTS Exam 2024 is beneficial for the candidates preparing for the 2024 exam. The MCQ tests are beneficial because they help revise the concepts and use the previously learned skills to be ready for the exam.
In order to start solving SSC MTS MCQ 2024, first find the set of questions. is a great place to solve or practice SSC MTS 2024 MCQ questions.
Practising SSC MTS MCQ 2023 without preparation can be very challenging or difficult. However, prior knowledge in basic Maths, English and Reasoning can help you to initialise the practice sessions, but it will not work in the long run. All aspirants will have to prepare for the SSC MTS exam following its syllabus.
Refer to the for SSC MTS Exam 2024 easy preparation. All test sets are available for free and questions and their solutions are also provided - once you try answering and submit the test.
Yes, the SSC MTS MCQ 2024 is available for free at
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